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Product Type: eBook
Title of Book: THE LIFE OF JOAB
Name of Author: Moses Ayomikun Oladipupo

Book Description

In this book the author presents a close view of the life of Joab, the general of the army of king David, in a thrilling narrative.

He also presents lessons to be learnt from the life of this illustrious general as well as some sundry discussions and guides in the pursuit of competence.


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THE LIFE OF JOAB, a book that focuses of the General of the army of king David.

King David had the incredible record of never losing a war in his entire life. There are only few kings in history who hold such records but they hold it because they fought only few wars. Others have few victories with many in dispute as to whether or not it were even a victory at all. But David was encumbered with relentless war from all sides from his youth up and he won them all decisively, and subdued all his enemies round about. The person who was responsible for executing most of these wars was Joab, the general of the king. He fought in more wars for the king than the king fought himself. And so Joab was the instrument by which God gave great and exceeding numerous victories to Israel and to the king. And since undoubtedly king David is the greatest king that ever reigned, I could rate Joab the greatest general that ever led an army.

A close look at the life of Joab marked with many marks of excellence provides us with many lessons to learn from. And this book presents them to us. The author also speaks on a number of sundry issues and guides for those in pursuit of competence, ranging from productivity, study, as well as labour laws. Kindly read and share. And I hope it blesses you.

Moses Ayomikun Oladipupo

My name is Moses Ayomikun Oladipupo. Among other things I love to write.

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