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Product Type: Book & Video (Paperback & DVD)
Producers: Crystal Educational & Igbo Language Online
Publisher: Crystal Frames
ISBN: 9789785397192

Book Description

Learn Igbo With Ngozi and Chima is a project by Crystal Educational and Igbo Language Online. It comes with all the force of modern day educational contents.

The content of the book is as follows,
1. Igbo Alphabet (A-Z)
2. Igbo Numerals (1-100)
3. Counting and Addition

The book also comes with a DVD.

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‘IGBO LANGUAGE ONLINE’ is a fulfilment of the promise I made to Igbo women in Houston Texas in 2013 to develop an e-learning platform that would teach the basics of Igbo language lexis & structure to their ever increasing children population in a child friendly fashion such that with their smart cell phones they able to access a website teaching them igbo language even when their parents are away. As a part of this project, we are pleased to present Learn Igbo With Ngozi and Chima.

In this first part we get to meet Ngozi, Chima, and their teacher Miss. Amarachi, with whom we shall be commencing this wonderful adventure. We shall be learning the letters of the Igbo Language from A to Z. We shall also learn how to count with the numbers of the Igbo Language.

With this book comes a DVD as a learning aid. You can also follow the course on a step by step basis on our website which you could subscribe to and gain access to everything in this DVD and other educational learning aid and guide to help learners advance steadily to mastery of the Igbo Language. Visit igbolanguageonline.com to get started.

Indeed, ‘IGBO LANGUAGE ONLINE’ comes with all the force of modern day educational contents. Both web based content, video content, and hard print book. There is no more excuse to for not learning the Igbo Language.

Congratulations. You have come to the right place.

–Dr Godwin Ifeanyi JIBIKE

Crystal Educational

Crystal Educational is a project dedicated to create educational content for people of every age with a special focus on the young. We are committed to producing educational content of all kinds, according to the formal educational curriculum and extra-curriculum contents. Our contents shall be focused on knowledge acquisition, character building, ethics, skill acquisition, etc.

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