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Behind The Veil


Product Type: eBook
Title of Book: BEHIND THE VEIL
Name of Author: Comfort .F. Ogunfalu
ISBN: 9798482036433
Word Count: 16,700

Available Formats:
PDF | ePub

Book Description

Behind the veil, I have hidden my bruises, my fail, my pain, my shame and I have failed to see more to the beauty and brains behind it.

When the veil finally got caught in the wind and there’s nothing I can do to retrieve it back, I was left vunerable and open to exploit again.

But a slight change has happened, I am no longer that little unstable forl that has been used and naive.

I am wiser and assertive. I can boldly say my failure wasn’t my end.

I saw, I came and I conquered.

I didn’t let my failure put me down and I certainly can say as an average secondary school certificate holder, I have experience that transcend that certificate.

I am no longer that girl I used to be. Nothing can stop the massive success in me. God’s victory is sure for me.


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I graduated from Federal Government Girls college, Sagamu, in August 2013 as a satisfied average student. There is no parent who wants an average performer. I was satisfied on a note that I didn’t come home with a pass or fail on the other dread my parents reaction to my performance.

My parent didn’t see any good in coming home without an award or achievement. They had expected better and when I didn’t surprise them with an awesome certificate, their manner became resentful and bitter towards me…


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