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Product Type: eBook
Title of Book: A MOTHER’S DIARY
Name of Author: Comfort Ogunfalu

Book Description

A Mother’s Diary is a typical love-hate story between a mother and her daughter, pain of wrong choice of partner and many regrets and mistakes that can’t be undone. A mother can love for the wrong reasons and thus short story series is a bomb.


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15 April, 2020

Dear Diary:

I know I did no wrong. No! I did nothing wrong! I couldn’t have been wrong to choose to marry a man I love at an early age of 18 and pretty soon after the grand wedding my rich lover gave me, I became a mother to a beautiful baby girl.

My schooling was fast because of the genius gene I got from my parent. I was double promoted in both primary and secondary school. I was lucky and smart to gain admission into the university at 16! It came as a shock to my lovers back then that I wasn’t even much old like they thought but guess I am an early maturer.

After all, I was the Big 3B (Beautiful, Bold and Brilliant). I wasn’t just a daughter of two geniuses that invented Bubba.com; the biggest online shopping platform.

I had the most childhood memories with my maternal grandma because I remember my parents were never around; they have too many responsibilities and I didn’t fit into any category. They dump me at Grandma’s place after they reported I was violent to a bully that was always teasing me that my parents don’t always show for parents’day.

I didn’t want to lurk around my parents’ shadow after that incidence as it was a bad luck in getting beaten or used. I turned down every always the suggestive statements that I bear the same surname as the bubba.com CEO and nobody dare argue with me. I’m tough that way. Hence the name – Big 3B.






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