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  • Product Type: eBook
    Title of Book: THE EXPORTER’S HANDBOOK: A Practical Guide to Successful Exporting from Nigeria (2nd Edition)
    Name of Authors: Joe Afolayan
    ISBN: 9780953540624

    Short Description

    The Exporter’s Handbook gives detailed information about practical techniques of exporting from Nigeria. The book is aimed at new exporters as well as experienced ones who want to improve their knowledge of export marketing and administration. The second edition has been fully updated and includes the new Incoterms 2020.

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  • Product Type: eBook
    Title of Book: TRUSTING TECHNOLOGY: Mastering Technology for Non-Tech Leaders
    Name of Authors: Graham Binks
    Name of Publisher: Post Hill Press
    ISBN: 9781642932737

    Short Description

    Trusting Technology is about adapting to new ways of life and work. Technology merely provides the platform.

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