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  • Product Type: e-Book
    Name of Author: Simon Ademu
    Available Formats: PDF

    Book Description

    Reading has a number of benefits including improving your memory and vocabulary, helping you learn new things, and improving focus and concentration. A lot of people say that they want to develop a reading habit but are unable to due to a lack of time. I was one of those people myself at one point in my life. I have used a number of strategies to help me read more and develop an effective daily reading habit.

    In this book we shall be highlighting some of these strategies.

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  • Product Type: eBook
    Title of Book: TREATMENT PLANNING 101
    Name of Authors: G. Scott Graham
    ISBN: 9781005313883

    Short Description

    Treatment Planning 101 will give counselors and coaches a foundation in how to develop goals and action plans for any client. Counselors, including social workers, mental health workers, substance abuse providers and psychotherapists will learn new ways to help a client navigate into the unknown.

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