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  • Product Type: Paperback
    Name of Author: Victoria Yoosuff
    Name of Publisher: Crystal Frames


    The word steps denotes movement. For you to climb a step you have to make a move. If you are on a staircase and you are not moving, you would soon obstruct others. Climbing a step is an upward movement. Descending fit of stairs is a downward movement. In this book I would be leading you on a journey to move up the stairs. We are focusing on moving forward, moving higher, moving faster and how you can be more intimate in your marriage. I pray you would open your hearts, minds to learn, unlearn and relearn something spectacular from the pages of this book.

    The outcome of your marriage, to a large extent, is determined by your mindset.To every married couple, your home can be as peaceful and as successful as you want it to be. From today, I encourage you to determine in your mind what you want for your marriage. Make up your mind that you want a happy home. You will be among those who are enjoying this marriage to the fullest. If this is your resolve, then you have to be ready to work on you marriage daily. Make little effort daily that will have massive changes. Rome was not build it a day.

    Take a decision that there is no room for separation, no room for divorce. Only death would separate you from your spouse and your home.
    Thank God you are reading this book. There are many more books on marriage and success stories on marriage. Equip yourself with these resource materials. As a man or woman wanting to marry, you need to develop your mind. Your mind gets exposed when you read book. Read as much as possible. Living together, sharing each other’s dreams, ideas, thoughts and aspirations and communicating with each other is the key to any successful marriage. You can have a blissful marriage. You need to take your STEPS together.

    Happy reading friends.
    Victoria Yoosuff

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